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Over 4000 people have benefitted from this training

Hi I am Siddharth Bansal…

I'm a yoga and wellness coach, a martial arts practitioner, acupressure healer, counsellor. Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, We are on a mission to revive our traditional Yoga Practice by creating a new breed of yoga practitioners and teachers. We founded the Yoga Warriors Hub in 2022 to accomplish our mission . We have helped more than 1500 people achieve their health goals.

Hi I am Shweta Agrawal...

I am a Dietitian and yoga expert, I align with the mission of our community of creating a new breed of yoga practitioners and teachers . I am helping people to reduce their weight and solve their health problems with Personalised Diet Consultation.

Revive Yoga Practice

We are on a mission to revive our traditional yoga practice by creating a new breed of yoga practitioners.

Yoga Coaching

With over 20 years of experience in yoga coaching, we help people become experts in all aspects of yoga so that they can not only stay healthy themselves but also help other people become healthy.

Yoga Warriors Hub

We founded this community in the year 2022 to help people achieve a healthy and fit body, become a yoga warrior by themselves. We have over 15,00+ paid members and are growing!

The Yoga Warriors Hub

With over 15,00+ members and growing, we are building a new breed of yoga practitioners.

Finalise Your Health Goal

Commit yourself to take your health in your own hands and set your health and fitness goals.

Build Your Health Routine

Create a routine consisting of Pranayam, Yoga practice, balanced diet, and healthy habits.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Learn different skills, sequences and techniques to practise advanced postures .

We have heard great user experience

  • I like the exercises and yoga. Weight loss, more strength, toning. Teachers have great experience and knowledge. 

     Weight reduced - 2kgs

    Monika Gupta

    Age - 40

  • Good experience and got benefit. Good Ayurvedic diet plan.

     Weight reduced 11 kg.

    Praveen Bhatnagar

    Age - 57

  • It was a drastic change for me loosing so much weight ,and both sir and mam are agood trainer they literlay takes pain in training us and very polite.

    weight reduced - 10 _12 kgs


    Age - 48

  • It was a true sense yoga done along with perfect diet plan. I reduced almost 6 to 7 kgs and also had control over my skin problem. Teachers are dedicated and goal oriented. 

    weight reduced - 6 to 7 kgs

    Mahima Bhawsar

    Age - 34

  • "Best yoga teachers with vast knowledge.

    Even the diet was very effective. Improve ones eating habits through out life."

    weight reduced - 13 kgs

    Sneha Virani

    Age - 38

  • Great skilled level teaching. One of the best fitness centre of udaipur

    weight reduced - 12kg

    Suman Mandawaria

    Age - 45

  • Yoga is the best way to heal your body nd stay healthy. An amazing centre for yoga.

    weight reduced - 2kg

    Mahashweta Ranawat

    Age - 32

  • The most positive atmosphere and aura i have experienced.. both of our gurus have infinite knowledge and experience.. really thankful. 

    weight reduced - 5 to 8kgs

    Snehil Surana

    Age - 33

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